Austin Chronicle – Will the Well Run Dry for Las Lomitas?

It was past sunset when Ileana Riojas began to read aloud the proposed bylaws of the Las Lomitas Neighborhood Associa­tion. Riojas, who isn’t a resident of the nearly 10-year-old subdivision but was helping out in starting the NA, stood with her shoulders hunched, thanks to the sudden arrival of fall, and faced a group of about 40 residents. She kept reading through quorum rules (they decided on 15) and membership fees ($5 per person, all paying members can vote), while a breeze moved through a small, open but covered pavilion at the edge of Gerardo and Maria Avila‘s property. To Riojas’ left, a faux water mill pumped trucked-in water into a faux cistern. It served as a reminder of the reasons for the meeting.

To read the entire article, click here.

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