Des Moines Register – Mexican sues seven Iowans, police

Mexican migrant worker has filed a federal lawsuit against a group of men and women who allegedly beat him unconscious two years ago in northwest Iowa and two police officers accused of covering up the crime.

The lawsuit, filed on behalf of Rafael Trevino, 43, and his family, accuses Thomas Clayton Schroeder II, 25, of Wall Lake and six others of kidnapping Trevino from the backyard of his apartment complex and shouting racial slurs as they assaulted him.Lake View Police Chief Ted Helmich, a friend of Schroeder’s, and responding officer A.W. Staples are accused of covering up the assault, pressing charges against Trevino for crimes they knew he didn’t commit, and not investigating Trevino’s allegation that he was assaulted, the lawsuit said. The lawsuit said charges were filed against Trevino related to breaking into Schroeder’s pickup truck and stealing items from it.

To read the entire article, click here.

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