KFOX – Ex-ASARCO Workers Claim Secret Dump Sites In Plant

A handful of ex-ASARCO employees claim that working at the smelter has made them sick and toxic waste still remains on the property.

Ex-workers, along with an attorney with Texas Rio Grande Legal Aid Inc., held a press conference Monday disclosing concerns about the remediation process of the plant.

“While I was working there I came down with some rashes and my skin would crack,” said Mario Nevarez, a 12-year ASARCO worker.

To read the entire story and watch the news broadcast, click here.

One thought on “KFOX – Ex-ASARCO Workers Claim Secret Dump Sites In Plant

  1. I worked at the ASARCO East Helena Plant as a welder from 1974-1978. I very much remember being sick often after down day’s when we would put the plant in “neutral” for a day to make repairs. I would often come home with uncontrolable shaking and dirhea. I have had night sweats since I worked there. Nine months ago I was told I’m at stage two cronic kidney failure. I have also had high liver panels. My wife finally asked me to quit and my friend had quit. Looking back now I see how toxic the job was and I walked away a dead man.

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