LUPE Blog – TRLA helps LUPE members report mistreatment and abuse by DHS

Celestino Gallegos of Texas RioGrande Legal Aid visited LUPE offices last week to teach LUPE members to distinguish between the many Department of Homeland Security law enforcement officials. Members who have been the victims of human rights abuses by DHS officials often cannot distinguish between ICE, Border Patrol and other law enforcement officials, making it difficult to hold those law enforcement officials accountable for the abuses they commit.

Gallegos is a member of TRLA’s Border Issues Legal Team, which provides representation to clients in cases of misconduct and abuse arising out of immigration law enforcement activities in the Texas border region.

The main point of Gallegos’ presentation was to educate the community about the basics of law enforcement, so that the community can identify who the different police agencies and officers are, as well as what each one does. “The idea is that if people know what kind of police officers they are dealing with they will understand what those officers are charged with investigating,” said Gallegos. And therefore community members can route their complaints of mistreatment and abuse to the correct agencies.

To read the entire blog entry, click here.

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