Official Statement: Texas Fined Over Food Stamp System

Monday June 28, 2010

“Throughout the course of our lawsuit, the Texas Health and Human Services Commission (HHSC) has continually tried to avoid accountability for running a system that violates state law and purposefully discourages low-income Texans from taking advantage of assistance they need to survive.

“Now the federal government has made it known that Texas will be held accountable.  But accountability should not end there. HHSC must continue to be held responsible for their errors on the state level as well.

“It is shameful that hungry Texas families are having to wait more than thirty days to get the assistance they need to survive.  It is embarrassing that a system meant to help those in need purposefully puts up barriers that prevent hungry Texas families from navigating through it.

“No child should have to go to bed hungry because the state cannot run an effective system. No family should have to sacrifice nutrition or choose between food and rent because the state knows how to come up with an exhaustive list of excuses but cannot fix the problems it has caused.

“There is no excuse for forcing struggling Texas families to go hungry. Every family that is eligible for assistance needs to be receiving it.

Attribute to
Cynthia Martinez, Communications Director
Texas RioGrande Legal Aid

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